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どうぞブース2118へお越しになり、Rhino 5と造船工学のプラグインパートナー、Orca3Dをご覧ください。

無料ワークショップ: Rhino and Orca3D: Marine Design and Analysis 2013年9月17日11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

原文投稿者: Keith

Primate: Leap Motion for Grasshopper

Primateは、Leap MotionをGrasshopperのパラメトリックデザインと統合する初のプラグインです。

The component library includes:
  • Component for counting fingers
  • Component for counting hands
  • Component for tracking a pointing finger
  • Component that tracks the direction of an extended hand
  • Component that tracks a palm and the vector normal to a palm
  • Component that mimics the sphere described by a cupped hand
Each component pulls in a slightly different piece of data from the movement of your hands in real time. The direction of the fingers and palm, as points and vectors and even spherical or other 3 dimensional data become parameters in Grasshopper.  These components give you the power to feed this data into geometric algorithms for your own programming or design.

原文投稿者: Carlos Pérez


AA Visiting School Barcelona

AA Visiting School Barcelona and Archi/tech/e/nologies (Open Lectures Series)

ARCHI/TECH/E/NOLOGIES is a Lecture Series (Sir Peter Cook, Enric Batlle & Joan Roig, Enric Ruiz-Geli, Vicente Guallart and Jaime Coll) open to everyone, which will bring together professionals of all kinds concerning architecture, technology and enology. Local and international architects with expertise in designing wineries will explain their strategies to develop their work in the wine field. Also, enologists and agricultural engineers will support and contrast all the techniques and current technologies used both in the vineyard and the winery to control the whole process of wine making in order to optimize the quality and the design of its coupage. By linking all these disciplines, the students will be encouraged to learn and support their project based in all this knowledge and tools.

Spain’s great heritage and tradition in wine production has led the country to become the world’s first region in vineyard extension and, as a result, the pursuit for quality is already an obsession for many wineries to gain a foothold in the international market. In turn, a very accurate set of methods and techniques are currently being implanted to ensure a full control over the whole process of wine making as means of optimization in design for enologists.
Relying on the use of digital diagramming and mapping, we will unfold the metabolism of wine production and dissect techniques and technologies involved in the processes. Underlining the characteristics of time information and feedback, we will recognize the potential of the use of Control Systems as an essential design tool.
The students will be organised in groups and each will be focus on a different segment of the production. Equipped with analogic or digital tools, students will record quantitative information on site to understand the variable factors that can influence the wine quality. The object of this preliminary phase will be the creation of a series of drawings using digital tools to work on the cartographical representation of the mappings.
Concluding the research, we will address the spatial and organizational attributes of the process to visualize, through the production of drawings, digital and physical models, potential architectural solutions for a contemporary bodega. The results of will be presented on the last day of the course to a multidisciplinary panel of experts from the architecture and enological world in a public presentation at the ETSAB, ‘Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya’.
Field work includes visits to wineries, Media-TIC and la Sagrada Familia.

原文投稿者: Carlos Pérez



A prototype to enable IFC importing to Rhino plug-in
VisualARQ using Grasshopper and Geometry Gym Components to transfer levels, walls, slabs, windows and doors into VisualARQ. File available at http://www.geometrygym.blogspot.com. Done in collaboration with Rhinoforyou:

原文投稿者: Carlos Pérez

Scan&Solve 2013 WIP - フェイス(面)編集機能

Scan&Solve 2013 for Rhino WIPには、ご希望の多かったインタラクティブな面編集機能(restrainedおよびloaded)が搭載されました。 こちらもお読みください:  Not satisfied with the faces that are loaded or restrained? Running multiple "what if" scenarios has never been easier. You can continue using Scan&Solve 2013 WIP right now at no additional cost. This WIP is available immediately to all licensed and evaluation users of Scan&Solve. The current version will operate until August 8, 2013.

Scan&Solve 2013 for Rhino completely automates basic structural simulation of Rhino solids. Unlike other analysis tools, no preprocessing (meshing, simplification, healing, translating, etc.) is needed.

原文投稿者: Keith

Rhino用の3D PDFエクスポーター

SimLab SoftはRhino用の3D PDFエクスポーターのバージョン3.2をリリースしました。

  • Handles large models. The 64-bit version of the plug-in was tested to work with extremely large Rhino models.
  • Supports exporting polylines and curves. Curves and polylines included in the Rhino model can be optionally exported to 3D PDF file.
  • Supports exporting dimensions and annotations.
  • Improved image quality of the 2D images included in the generated 3D PDF.
  • Template designer now allows the user to place images on top of the 3D area to create amazing 3D PDF files.
  • New navigation model for navigating large scenes in the 3D PDF file.
  • Automatically opens the Object tree (optional).
この新しいバージョンは、Rhino 5(32および64ビット)とRhino 4をサポートします。

原文投稿者: Carlos Pérez


Iterative Parametric Tables for Studio 4D - Demiurge LLC

Demiurgeインテリアデザイン事務所、Studio 4Dの依頼で3つのテーブルを作りました。
Grasshopper for Rhinocerosを使ったパラメトリックデザインで、Demiurgeのウェブサイトで詳細が公開されています。

原文投稿者: Carlos Pérez

Rose Pavilion – 冬期ソチオリンピック

2014年、第22回冬期オリンピックのために、RhinoとGrasshopperを使ってRose Pavilionがデザインされました。

Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort will host the media Rose Pavilion during the XXII Winter Olympic Games in 2014.

The Rose Pavilion has been designed by Dimitry Demin with parametric techniques in Rhino and Grasshopper. The final architectural form resulted from an analysis of material properties and engineering calculations, taking into account local climatic conditions, and it's inspired by the natural beauty of Rosaceae Rosa canina – plants of the dog-rose family. These roses have a pentagonal symmetry and double curvature in their petals – features that have been translated through precision engineering into an aesthetically beautiful architectural form.

原文投稿者: Carlos Pérez


Rhino Piping 0.9.24 WIP


Rhino Piping新しいWIP、0.9.24がリリースされました。

原文投稿者: Keith